Platform Fees

We have a very long term vision when looking at what the studio would need financially, to build BIZVERSE to the level of Metaverse for your business and your life, help create the fully Digital Twin the community desires. Also, we set these rates to what we feel would be an appropriate entry point for the treasury, once it initiates. Below you will find the fees for the BIZVERSE platform.

Marketplace Fee

NOTE: BizMems will choose to accept BIVE when listing vrNFT or other items to the Marketplace.

  • Normal Sale = 3% of purchasing token.

  • Auction = 4% of purchasing token.

Example: You list your vrStore on the marketplace for 100 BIVE tokens. When the vrStore sells, you will receive 100 BIVE - 3 BIVE = 97 BIVE for your vrStore sale.

100% of fee to studio or treasury (if treasury is initiated).

We are committed to using 100% of the fee for reinvesting, paying rewards to BizMems for them to develop cities and countries on BIZVERSE, attracting shoppers to make the BIZVERSE world bigger and bigger.

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