Bizverse City

Being the central city of the Bizverse World, located in the Atlantic Ocean, where the coordinate 0,0 of the globe is located.

Being the technology city of the future, built according to the legend of Atlantic City, where the real and virtual worlds blend together (according to legend, this was the place where God and people live together), being a beautiful land that people dream of living here with state-of-the-art science and advanced art. As the cradle of human civilization, Atlantic City is the nostalgia for the past, and Bizverse City is a better version of the future.

The total area of Bizverse City is 888,888 Km2, including full infrastructure facilities of a country such as: Trade center; Tourist center; Amusement center; Golf course; Real estate zones; schools;… creating a centralized metropolis that all Bizverse users must pass through before reaching other lands. The territory of Bizverse City consists of a diamond-shaped main island and about 88 smaller islands, which is the main gateway to the world of Bizverse.

Bizverse City is an archipelago with 88 large and small islands, in which the islands are named after 88 stars in the virtual universe, and the small islands are satellites of the main island with a giant diamond-shaped icon.

The entire Bizverse City is made up of five major subdivisions and divided into 12 Counties named after the 12 Olympian Gods and each county represents a functional area of ​​Bizverse City.

According to legend, the fertile and beautiful Atlantis City was the place where both Gods and humans lived, and it was believed to be a self-sufficient area where people grew their own food and raised animals. Farmers in the city used to grow crops in the fertile plains outside the suburbs with the help of a well-maintained irrigation system. They also built their own beautiful buildings with other structures from materials such as black and red stone. At that time, they found many rare metals and even alloys like brass, made and used many crystals for recreational purposes and jewelry making. Thus, in the future version of Atlantis, Bizverse City, the streets of Bizverse are named after the gems that are in fact sorted by their rarity.

NFT assets such as vrLand, vrMall, vrStore, vrBooth, vrCinema,… are planned on Bizverse City and put into exchange, purchase and sale on MarketPlace, ensuring finality, and creating a mining mechanism for users to mine new lands in the future.

Besides, Bizverse keeps the 3D planning of the lands of countries and cities around the world, that is ready for cities, real estate businesses, and commercial centers to build the own Metaverse World based on actual data and verified via KYC, but transaction offices have to be set up in shopping centers or opened in Bizverse City.

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