vrLobby and vrHall

vrLobby is the lobby area and the conference and seminar area vrHall. vrHall is the venue for multi-participating online seminars such as: Webinar, Event TV Live that attracts many participants. vrHall is owned by vrMall owner and attached to vrMall, it is not sold separately to others but it is sold together with vrMall, vrMall owner is entitled others rent it for a fixed period of time by separate agreement. The number of vrHall is limited to 10 vrHalls at one vrMall/vrExpo. Each vrMall or vrExpo only contains 1 vrLobby reception area, this is an asset associated with vrMall, at this place the general information of vrMall or vrExpo can be placed, and vrPano/vrBanners are placed for accessing, instructing users to visit the system, vrLobby cannot be bought, sold or rented.

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