BIVE is the main currency token of the system. BIVE plays a central role in BIZVERSE ecosystem. In almost activities, users need this kind of token:

  • Use as means of transaction.

  • BIVE is used by BizMems to buy/sell/rent/lease properties in the form of vrMalls; rent/lease the vrExpo event organization system

  • Buying/selling/renting/renting vrStore/vrBooth product display stores; event halls, vrHall event zones, vrPano/vrBanner advertising content areas and vrNFT virtual assets developed and sold by BIZVERSE users.

  • BIVE also used to convert tokens (Swap) with VRA to reward users for conducting token mining mechanism (coin mining) through visiting booths, participating in shopping, watching ads, hunting games add-in in BIZVERSE (similar to PokemonGo), users can conduct mine manipulation by clicking to view ads or sharing information with friends

  • BIVE can be swapped with VRA into USD and BIVE at the market price

  • In the BIZVERSE ecosystem, users can earn extra income in BIVE. Simultaneously, they can use the BIVE they have earned to buy and sell items, change characters and details in BIZVERSE

  • In addition, when uploading works, VR Assets to Marketplace, users also need to pay a fee in BIVE

  • Participating in network governance: Users or holders who own BIVE tokens always have the right to participate in the system governance process through voting. If you do not vote directly, you can delegate another player

  • Betting to earn: Not only a vote, BIVE owners can also participate in staking. Staking will help the players to earn a bonus in BIVE

  • Application to Fee Capture model: In the total transaction volume in BIVE, deducting 5% and redistributing from the beginning. In addition, about 30% of BIVE from the staking pool will be used as a reward for the holders of this token.

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