The Metaverse: a User Opportunity of a Lifetime?

The Metaverse is not only a business opportunity. It also creates major opportunities to increase user engagement tremendously.

This is not just interesting for businesses that want to create deeper customer relations and increase revenue. It is of major importance for these customers themselves. Just like in game like situations, the Metaverse can offer users a completely democratized experience. Especially when these experiences are hosted on the blockchain, further enhancing user agency. Users can take full control of their identities in their own crafted journeys, while at the same time collaborating with other users and interacting with brands.

The DTS Group (our) is currently working with a company that is giving its users control of their marketing power for example. What they do is to create identities of users on the blockchain which gives them power to sell their attention to brands that want to advertise to them directly. In return they command a direct . The brand does not see their name and only knows the cohort that this user belongs to. In a metaverse built in the digital space on the blockchain, users become increasingly powerful. Stay tuned for updates from us.

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