Being 3D objects combined VR360 space of pre-built commercial centers in central locations of major cities around the world. A commercial center is a place that includes many stores ready to sell or rent, serving businesses to put their products and services up to introduce to consumers. According to actual calculations of experts, there should be 1 hypermarket for every 100,000 people on average, so BIZVERSE stipulates that the total supply will include 78,000 vrMalls (currently there are 7.8 billion people in the world). In the first phase of the project, BIZVERSE prioritizes building and putting into use large commercial centers in the cities listed in the Global City list in order of priority in GaWC City ranking from alpha to gamma. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Globalization_and_World_Cities_Research_Network ). In addition, the vrMalls released and distributed by the system so business users are entitled to propose to build vrMalls in the planned areas and self-operate their own business(but it must satisfy the population criteria, it must not overlap on existing vrMall, must not overlap with existing public constructions and must be less than or equal to the total supply). vrMalls are NFT assets that users can purchase to own or transfer to others based on a market value adjustment (the initial value set by the system is based on the value of real estate in the real world where the Mall is located). Many vrMalls will help form a vrCity, and many vrCities will form a vrCountry, BizMems representing vrCity, vrCountry will have the power to vote DAO activity for many major activities of BIZVERSE.

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