Contactless Economy

In addition to the connection activities of BIZVERSE users performed on vrSocial Network introduced in part 1, the entire trading, exchange, trading and mining business is operated by the Contactless Economy which is integrated into the world of BIZVERSE, this is the real economy, allowing users to bring their real buying and selling activities in reality into trade centers, virtual reality fairs and exhibitions. Users can go to a dedicated shopping mall (or whatever centers based on criteria: type, near or far from the location they stay,... like in the real world), they can search 1 satisfactory item for themselves, exchange, bargain with the shop owner, order and pay with the currency in BIZVERSE named BIVE, right after that the goods will be delivered to the user’s home in the real world. Besides, users can also deposit money to earn profit at transaction offices in trade centers, buy, sell, invest in marketplaces, etc. In addition, users can also visit stores, click to view ads on product panels and be rewarded by the system for these activities.

All of the above components are seamlessly connected on BIZVERSE, thereby creating a complete virtual universe for business operations based on the virtual reality world that operates a contactless economy on the basis of transparency of the DAO model and the Crypto world.

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