Being famous exhibition events, the places gather many brands to display and introduce products to seek cooperation, investment or other exhibition events. vrExpo is also modeled into 3D and VR360 spaces, it simulates Expo activities in the virtual world. The difference between vrExpo and vrMall is that the vrExpo can be active for a maximum of 3 months, the booths in vrExpo are only rented but not sold. Businesses are entitled to hire a vrExpo to organize their exhibition events, and invite other businesses to rent booths to display or sell products. The purpose of vrExpo is to serve individuals and businesses to sell and introduce products according to events and not to carry out regular business like vrMall, in addition to selling and introducing products, vrExpo is also applied to organize OpenDay, JobDay, art exhibitions or trade promotion events, tourism, stimulus events…The number of vrExpo to be released is based on the list of world famous events and exhibitions for various fields. The vrExpo is born based on real life events, and users of the system can request the system to organize based on the petition function.

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