Phase 3: Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation (digital transformation of business activities): Changing the way of business is done and in some cases, it creates completely new layers of businesses, uses the full advantages of the convenience of technologies to radically innovate business operations. Businesses can change their processes by the way of better decision making, more efficiency, better customer experience with more personalization. It is expected that this phase will be completed and officially released in December 2021, BIZVERSE with a virtual reality platform that gives users the opportunities to deploy their business in the world of Metaverse creating the possibility of making money even beyond imagination. In this stage, BIZVERSE will officially integrate BIVE and VRA tokens, put them to the test in the community, get ready for a new breakthrough, create a comprehensive business environment of 1 digital economy on the metaverse using a combination of the world VR360, social network, digital financial system DEFI and NFT.

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