BIZVERSE is conceptualized almost like the development of the digital society and digital economy of the world according to the comprehensive digital transformation model (Digital Transformation) in the period of Industry 4.0 taking place very strongly all over the world starting from the digitization period (Digitization) to the goal of building a virtual super universe (Metaverse) is being shaped.

Digital transformation is a concept born in the booming internet era, which is getting popular in recent times, describing the application of digital technology (Digitalize) to all aspects of businesses. If it is successful, this activity will completely change (Transformation) the way an enterprise operates, increase cooperation efficiency, optimize work performance and bring value to customers.

Digital transformation transcends traditional roles such as sales, marketing, and customer service. Instead, digital transformation begins and ends with the way you think and attract your customers differently. As businesses move from paper to spreadsheets to smart apps to manage their businesses, they have the opportunities to reform how they do business – how they attract their customers – with digital technology on the enterprise’s side. For small businesses just starting out, they do not need to set up their business processes and it will be a plan to transform them later.

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