Making the metaverse work for your own company

Why is this of interest to you?

Well, the BIZVERSE WORLD is the ultimate form of the Metaverse. It’s the exact direction that least some of the newly emerging metaverses are taking. It may be an environment that you as a business may want to interact with. In that case you need to make sure that your design optimizes fully for human motivation. The time has gone that companies can just rely on your value proposition of their products to win people over and to get them to buy products and services.

The already short attention span of users in the digital space is shortened even more by the amount of distraction that goes on in the metaverse (or metaverses). The design of your product or service needs to be so good that there is almost no reason the user would not want to interact with your product in the first place. On top of that you need to ensure that users feel truly empowered and engaged when they first start to interact with your product or service. And not long after that your design needs to optimize for long term and deep user engagement. And even when you manage to get users back again and again, you are not yet done.

You then need to think of a design that empowers veteran users to become your internal and external brand ambassadors. These leaders will show everybody in the experience how to behave and will tell everybody outside the metaverse to join the metaverse (and by proxy your brand influence circle). Now, crafting such an engaging user journey around your business offering is not easy. It requires a thorough understanding of human motivation; knowledge of Behavioral Science and human biases and heuristics. It necessitates having the ability and empathy to crawl in the skin of the users. Only then will you be able to create the right human touch just like successful games have done.

But you have BIZVERSE WORLD, it will help you bring your business to the metaverse.

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