Being 3D (or 2D) object placed in outdoor spaces, or at vrMall (collectively named vrPano), or placed at vrExpo fairs and exhibitions (collectively named vrBanner), this is an object purchased or rented by users to advertise and introduce their products to those who visit and shop at vrMall or vrExpo, this is also the place where the system can rent from to display advertising content from the real world as well as the users can click to view ads to receive system rewards. The number of vrPano or vrBanner depends on the limit of the vrMall or vrExpo space. The difference between vrPano and vrBanner is that vrPano is placed in vrMalls, owned by vrMall owners and bought, sold or rented; vrBanner is located in vrExpo, it is owned by the system, vrExpo is leased only from vrExpo organizer and nd only exist in the same time of the ongoing vrExpo. In addition, there will be a number of outdoor vrPanos that do not belong to any vrMall that will be bought, sold and rented from the owner.

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