Representing the most basic users of the system, after successfully registering as a member of BIZVERSE, users will officially have rights access to the functions of sightseeing, shopping, and networking at vrMall/vrExpo, they can purchase in the real world, receive promotions and discounts, and use actual services…at vrBooth/vrStore.

BizMems after successful KYC will be freely issued 01 vrHome at the location of the house that person actually owns in the real world, the information about the house is public or not depend on BizMem to ensure privacy. This vrHome is allowed to create a 1:n link to his vrStore/vrBooth at vrMall or vrExpo (if available).

Immediately after becoming a member of BIZVERSE, you will be called BizMem - the most basic member of the system with many attractive benefits. Firstly, you will choose your 3D avatar in the BIZVERSE world, this is the your personal Digital Twin, that will be your personal copy wherever you appear. (We integrate the service of readyplayer).

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