Being 3D objects combined VR360 space placed in vrMalls or vrExpos respectively, vrStore/vrBooths will be valued and/or leased by vrMall owners or vrExpo organizers (for vrStore) or only for rent (for vrBooth) for secondary businesses, so that they can proceed to post their products and services information for accessing, exchanging, and purchasing. At vrStore/vrBooth, business users are fully equipped with tools to introduce products, upload business introductory videos, and this is a place for businesses to easily meet and exchange with customers through different channels: chat, video call 1-1, 1-n; live stream sales, set work schedules, sign cooperation contracts, conduct promotions and discounts, even business users can bring their E-commerce links and websites into vrStore/ vrBooth for sales. (The goods introduced and sold are real goods, the goods of this trade are real with a full process of buying, selling, payment, shipping and delivery as in reality, the BIZVERSE system only provides the same tools for users to conduct business without interfering in this trade process). The difference between vrStore and vrBooth is: vrStore is placed in vrMalls owned by users and bought, sold or rented; vrBooth is placed in vrExpos owned by the system, vrBooth is only leased from the vrExpo organizer and only exist in the same time of the ongoing vrExpo. In addition to the uses described above, vrStore/vrBooth can be also used as entertainment centers, digital entertainment, cinemas, display points, buying and selling NFT items created by users.

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