Phase 2: Digitalization

Digitalization (digitizing business process): The next stage has been developed in October 2021 and is named Digitalization, which is the higher level of Digitization. It happens with processes in business or in professions. This phase of digital adoption uses digital data to simplify the way you organize your business and change the way you trade, shop at malls, attend Expo events…This is the most important phase of the project as well as the stage that determines the success or failure of the digital transformation of businesses in the real world, since there is digitalization, everyone’s work becomes easier; sharing information with each other, direct connection by cyberspace through the social networking model (Social Networking) becomes simple and easy. The team has added a 3D and VR360 world with the plots of which have been built Trade Centers (Malls) or organize Expo events (EXPO) at exhibition centers, retail customers can buy or rent booths and display booths to bring their business activities to the virtual environment through 3D technology and VR360. Simultaneously, the development team has also successfully built a social networking platform connecting trade between all components in the digital economy.

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